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First, if you are reviewing this product, you have our deepest sympathies for your loss. 


This package allows you to probate an uncontested will (where no one is disputing the will).  Probating an uncontested will involves submitting the will to the court and obtaining a court order that confirms the validity of the will and appoints an executor to administer the estate. This process can be relatively simple and straightforward if there are no disputes or challenges to the will (the deceased left a valid, self-proven will, there are no disputes among heirs, and the estate is solvent). Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the process and ensure that all legal requirements are met, making the probate process as easy as possible for you.


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Probate of Uncontested Will

  • This package includes the following: 

    • Initial phone, Zoom, or in-person interview with the client to discuss the situation (30 minutes)
    • Initial review of will.
    • Drafting and filing an Application to Admit Will to Probate and Appoint Executor, including required posting (filing fee and posting fee included in flat fee).
    • Preparation of Waivers and Consents for each heir (if service is required, all citation issuance and service fees are extra).
    • Preparation of all required court documents for hearing.
    • Scheduling hearing for Application to Admit Will and Appoint Executor.
    • Attending hearing with Client, including signing of proof of death and oath.
    • Publishing the notice to creditors
    • Reviewing any claims presented.
    • Preparation of and filing the Estate’s Inventory.
    • Discussion on whether final accounting and distribution to heirs is required.
    • Final distribution of assets to heirs.
    • Optional: Closing Estate

    What is not included:

    • Any fees other than the original filing fee and posting fee.
    • Citation issuance and service fees.
    • Any ancillary claims or disputes related to creditors.

    What is NOT included:

    1. Any filing fees, citation fees, service fees, or publication fees are NOT part of the
    package, and are extra. These fees are paid by the Client, either directly or
    reimbursed. Filing fees are estimated to be under $500.
    2. All costs for copies of Letters Testamentary are paid by the client.
    3. Handling any formal claims filed against the estate by creditors.
    4. Will contests (if there is a dispute over multiple wills).


    If a will contest or other contested matter arises, we reserve the right to move the matter to our law firm under an hourly fee model. If you decline this, we will withdraw as your attorney and assist you in finding other counsel. Once the Application is filed, the fee is non-refundable.

    If our initial interview determines your situation doesn't fit the fixed fee model, you may opt for an hourly fee agreement with us or receive a refund of the fee paid minus $400 for the consultation.

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