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Our Physician's Directive package empowers you to control your medical treatment when you're unable to communicate. It outlines your treatment preferences, from end-of-life care to other critical decisions, guiding healthcare providers to honor your wishes. This package ensures your voice is heard even when you cannot speak, relieving your loved ones of making tough choices and wondering what you would want. Secure your peace of mind today with our Physician's Directive package.

A Physician's Directive, often referred to as a Physician's Order or Medical Directive, is a written document that specifies a patient's medical treatment preferences, limitations, or instructions. Its primary purpose is to guide healthcare providers in delivering appropriate care, especially when a patient is unable to communicate or make decisions about their treatment.

Physician’s Directive

  • The following are included with this package:

    • A 15-minute initial phone or Zoom consultation if there is a question about the questionnaire or other issues that need to be addressed prior to drafting.
    • Drafting of the following documents based on your questionnaire and any personal consultation: (1) a Physician’s Directive.
    • Review and editing of draft documents to make sure your documents meet your desires and needs.
    • Signing/Execution of the completed documents at our office in Westlake or at one of our other Austin-area locations (Circle C, Lake Pointe, etc.). We ensure your documents are properly signed and correctly executed.
    • The notarization fees are included in the purchase price if the signing occurs at our locations and per our normal schedule.

    The following are not included:

    • For expedited or unusual signing scheduling demands (short notice, odd times outside of our norms, or an unusual location), there are additional charges, including a fee for the notary. The notary fee is $10.00 per acknowledgment (signature).
    • All edits or revisions after the second substantive revision are $100 each.
    • All additional fees must be paid at the time of signing.
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