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Name Change Petition


This package allows you to legally change your name. Whether you got divorced and didn't change your name as part of that, or simply decided that you want to a new name, we can help.


Changing your name in Texas requires filing a name change petition with the appropriate court. Here are the steps:


            1.         Confirm Eligibility: Must be 18+ to request a name change. Parents or guardians apply for those under 18.

            2.         Select a New Name: Choose a name.

            3.         File a Name Change Petition: Include your current name, chosen a new name, and the change reason (debt evasion is not allowed).

            4.        Ready Required Documents: Prepare necessary identification like a driver's license or passport. Also, you will need to be finger printed and possibly pass an FBI background check.

            5.        Attend Court Hearing: Justify the name change and respond to the judge's inquiries.

            7.         Get Certified Court Order Copies: Once the court approves, obtain copies of the court order to update your records.

            8.         Update Records: Inform banks, employers, and utilities and update ID documents with the new name.


This package makes it simple to change your name.


Products Included:  All work described in items 1-8, above. Does not include filing or publication fees. Such fees are separate and paid by the client.


Petition to Change Name

  • The following is included in this package:

    • Questionnaire to gather required information.
    • Initial meeting to discuss name change, what is involved, and discussing process.
    • Directing Client on obtaining required background check, and other required documentation for name change.
    • Drafting of Petition for Name Change and filing same (price includes approximate $400 filing fee; if fees exceed $400, client responsible for additional cost).
    • Publication of all required notices.
    • Filing of all required notices and documents with the Court.
    • Drafting of Final Order Granting Name Change.
    • Attending a prove-up hearing with the client to have the court approve the name change and sign theorder.

    What is not included:

    • Any filing fees over $400.
    • Any service or publication fees.
    • Any other work.
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