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With the rise of independent contractors in today's employment market, it is crucial to have a written agreement in place to prevent any misunderstandings or legal issues whether you are the employer or the independent contractor.


Our Independent Contractor Agreement is a comprehensive legal document designed to protect your business interests when engaging the services of independent contractors. This agreement clearly outlines the terms and conditions of the relationship, including payment, scope of work, and the extent of the contractor's control over their work. Using this agreement, you can protect against wage and hour claims and potential IRS misclassification issues. With our Independent Contractor Agreement, you can rest assured that your business is protected and that your relationship with your independent contractors is clearly defined.

Independent Contractor Agreement

  • The following are included:

    • One 15-30 minute phone or Zoom conference to understand your situation and to gather the required information for drafting the agreement; and
    • Drafting of an Independent Contractor Agreement tailored to your circumstances and needs.
    • Up to two substantive revisions after the initial draft.

    What is NOT included:

    • Any work other than what is listed above