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When you need to transfer real estate.

General Warranty Deed: A legal document used to transfer real estate with the highest level of protection, including Seisin, Right to Convey, Encumbrances, Quiet Enjoyment and Warranty Forever warranties. In Texas, ensures buyer receives clear and marketable title to the property.

Special Warranty Deed: A legal document used to provide a limited warranty of title from seller to buyer, only guaranteeing seller has not caused any title defects or claims during their period of ownership. Commonly used in commercial real estate transactions but does not provide the same comprehensive guarantee as general warranty deeds. Buyers should conduct due diligence and title searches before relying solely on special warranty deed.

We can also record the deed after execution for an additional fee.

Deed (General or Special)

  • The following are included in this package:

    • Initial phone or Zoom conference with the client to obtain information.
    • Drafting of deed (either general or special).
    • Signing of deed.
    • Recording of the deed with county clerk's office (filing fee included up to $45).

    What is not included:

    • Any title search or title work.
    • Any communications or negotiations with lien holders, banks, and lenders to obtain consent for transfer if the property is subject to security interests.
    • Any filing fee above $45.00.
    • Certified copies of recorded deed.
    • Warning: Most home loans or other loans have "due on sale" provisions that may be triggered if you transfer property to another person or entity (i.e., a trust or LLC). The client is required to confirm whether a lender's approval is required and to obtain such approval. The attorney is not responsible for any consequences if the client fails to obtain such approval prior to recording the deed