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Our Agreed Post-Nuptial Agreement (sometimes called a "Patrition and Exchange Agreement") is the perfect solution for couples who wish to establish or modify their financial arrangements during their marriage. This legal document allows you to clearly outline your intentions regarding assets, liabilities, and spousal support, providing security and peace of mind for both parties. With our assistance, you can create a customized agreement that meets your specific needs, without the hassle and expense of traditional legal services and high hourly fees. Get started today and protect your future.


This package is only for an agreed post-nuptial agreement when you both agreee on all the terms of the agreement. 

Agreed Post-Nuptial Agreement

  • This package includes the following:

    • Initial interview or meeting (either by phone or Zoom).
    • Provide questionnaire to gather all required infomation and docuemntation for drafting post-nuptial agreement.
    • Preparing initial draft of Post-Nuptial Agreement based on client's directions.
    • Presenting initial draft to other party and their attorney. If the other party is not representated, we will also prepare an acknowledgment for the other spouse that they are knowingingly proceeding without an attorney and that they understand that we represent only you.
    • Revised and edit draft post-nuptial agreement (maximum of 3 substantitive edits).
    • Finalizing the post-nuptial agreement and orchestrate the signing which must be notarized. 
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