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Agreed Divorce (No Kids)


This package is for an agreed divorce where you do not have children from the marriage or adopted.


An agreed divorce in Texas, when there are no children involved, is generally a more straightforward and streamlined procedure compared to divorces that include child custody and support issues. If you have a truly agreed divorce, this package will help you complete your divorce quickly and inexpensively.


 Here are the key steps involved in an agreed divorce in Texas without children:


  • Eligibility: Must be a Texas resident for six (6) months and a resident of Travis, Williamson, or Hays counties for 90 days (for other counties, contact us by email).
  • Joint Agreement: Both spouses must agree on all issues, including property and spousal support (if applicable), to be eligible. For this fixed-fee divorce, we do not investigate, confirm, or disclose separate property or community property. The Client is responsible for investigating assets or disclosing them.
  • Draft. Petition for Divorce, signed by both, outlining marriage details, property, and grounds for divorce (irreconcilable differences). Note: Joel's law firm, Levatino Pace PLLC, may only represent one spouse.
  • File. The petition is filed with the district clerk in the county of filing (the filing fee is included in the fixed fee of up to $400).
  • Preparation of Waiver of Citation. After filing, the other spouse must sign a Waiver of Citation, which eliminates the need to have them served. This waiver does not waive any other rights other than service. If the opposing party refuses, the case is not "agreed" and will be transitioned to an hourly fee agreement. 
  • Waiting Period: Petition must be on file for 60 days before granting the divorce.
  • Court Appearance: If agreed, only one spouse needs to attend an uncontested hearing that will last about 15 minutes (actual time before the court).
  • Final Decree of Divorce: Signed at hearing after waiting period, terminates marriage, divides property, orders spousal support (if any),  and changes name.


Agreed Divorce (No Kids)

  • If we determine at any time that your divorce is not 100% agreed, we will offer to switch to an hourly fee agreement or withdraw as your attorney. Under no circumstances does this pacakge include a contested divorce on any issue. After the suit is filed, the entire fixed fee is non-refundable, so please be sure your situation is agreed. If we determine your situation is not 100% agreed prior to filing suit, we will refund your fee less $800.00.

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