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Our Agreed Annulment of Marriage package is designed for couples who have decided to end their marriage and agree to all terms of the annulment. An annulment of marriage is a legal process that declares the marriage null and void from its inception as if it never existed. This package is suitable for couples who meet specific criteria for an annulment, such as fraud, duress, undisclosed debts or unfiled taxes, undisclosed prior marriages, or incapacity at the time of the marriage.


If the annulment is disputed or contested, this package is not appropriate, and we encourage you to contact our law firm for guidance.


With our Agreed Annulment of Marriage package, we can help you navigate the process seamlessly and efficiently.

Agreed Annulment of Marriage

  • This package includes the following:

    • Initial interview or meeting (either by phone or Zoom; limited to 1 hour).
    • Providing you with a written questionnaire to assist you in gathering all required information and documentation for drafting the petition for annulment, the waiver of citation for the other party, and the Agreed Order of Annulment.
    • Drafting a Petition for Annulment, and filing same with the Court (approximately $400 filing fee included in price).
    • Drafting a waiver of citation for the other party or having them served (citation and service fees are extra).
    • Communicating with the other party to obtain agreement on all required documents. This includes (1) obtaining a signed waiver of citation (or having them served if they refuse) and (2) presenting the draft Agreed Order of Annulment to the other party and their attorney and negotiating the same. If the other party is not represented, we will also prepare an acknowledgment for the other spouse that they are knowingly proceeding without an attorney and that they understand that we represent only you.
    • Revise and edit the draft Agreed Order of Annulment as required (maximum of 3 substantive edits).
    • Attending the prove up hearing to have the Agreed Order of Annulment signed.

    What is NOT included:

    • This package is for a 100% agreed prenuptial agreement.
    • Under no circumstances does this package include a contested annulment proceeding on any issue, and regardless of the number of disputed issues.
    • If we determine at any time that your annulment is not 100% agreed, we reserve the right to change this matter to an hourly fee agreement. If you refuse, we will withdraw as your attorney, to which you agree.
    • Any refund of fees is subject to our Terms & Conditions.
    • The flat fee cost does not include fees for issuance of the citation or service of citation. The cost for issuance of citation is generally about $100. The cost to serve citation is generally between $75 - $150.00. The client is responsible for paying these fees in advance if required. If issuance and service are required, we will notify you and require payment prior to proceeding. 
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