This package is for a single Physician's Directive that allows you to decide how you want to be treated if you have a terminal condition or are in an irreversible condition. This document allows you to chose one of two options for both situations: (1) keep me comfortable but allow me to die or (2) keep me alive using all available life-saving treatment. This lets you make these important choices so your loved ones are not burdened by these choices. 

Physician's Directive (Single)

  • Once you purchased the Physician's Directive, you will download the Questionnaire that will guide you through the process of answering all of the important questions to allow us to draft your Physician's Directive. Once you send the Questionnaire back, we will draft the document and email you the draft. You then reveiw it to ensure that itreflect your wishes. If corrections are needed, they are made. Once final, we wll work with your to set up a safe execution that is is mindful of today's social distrancing restrictions.