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The New Adult Package is perfect for your graduating high school senior or your college student. This package provides (1) durable power of attorney, (1) a medical power of attorney, and (3) a HIPPA Disclosure Authorization for you adult child.


Why does you adult child need this package?


Parents often forget their baby is now an adult and they need to make sure their child is legally protected. Once children reach 18 years of age, a parent is no longer able to automatically make medical or financial decisions on behalf of the child. To do that, the child must have a medical power of attorney or a financial power of attorney appointing their parents as their agents. Without these documents, the parents may be forced to spend time and money on a court proceeding to be named guardians over their child to make decisions for an incapacitated child. Making matters even worse, parents are not privy to medical information about their child simply because of their parental status. So, if an adult child (over 18) is in an accident while at school, a parent may not be able to access their medical information. To do that, you need something called a “HIPAA disclosure authorization.


Before you send you child off to the wonders of their college experience or let them return next semester, take time to have these three relatively simple documents so you can avoid any of these problems.


Download the questionnaire on the download's page here

New Adult Package

  • Once you purchased the package, you will download the Questionnaire that will guide you through the process of answering all of the important questions to allow us to draft your powers of attorney and the HIPPA Authorization. Once you send the Questionnaire back, we will draft the documents and email you drafts. You then reveiw them to ensure that they reflect your wishes. If corrections are needed, they are made. Once final, we will work with your to set up a safe execution that is is mindful of today's social distrancing restrictions.