This package is for one (1) Durable Power of Attorney. A durable power of attorney allows you to appoint an "agent" to act for your regarding financial and property decisions if you are incapacitated or unconscious. Why would you need this if you have a Will? A Will is only effective if you die. What happens if you don't die and are only unconcious under medical care? What if your family needs to access you bank account that you forgot to add your wife on? What if you need to sell your house to pay medical bills (it happens)?  That is why every adult needs a power of attonrey. This is an cost effective mini-security blanket if something happens.

Durable Power of Attorney (Single)

  • Once you purchased the Power Attorney, you will download the Questionnaire that will guide you through the process of answering all of the important questions to allow us to draft your Power of Attorney. Once you send the Questionnaire back, we will draft the document and email you the draft. You then reveiw it to ensure that itreflect your wishes. If corrections are needed, they are made. Once final, we will work with you to set up a safe execution that is is mindful of today's social distrancing restrictions.