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On this page you can download helpful forms and other information. The most useful document is probably the main Questionnaire that we use to gather your personal information to draft documents. There are also other informative articles and other documents like how we execute the documents. 


Estate Planning Questionnaire - This is the most important document for gathering your information and making selections to allow us to draft your documents. 

     - Word Version - Download here.

     - PDF Version - Download here.

     - Fillable PDF Form - Download here

Remember, each person needs to complete a questionnaire unless you are going to mirror each other's choices throughout the documents. 

New Adult Questionnaire - This is the questionnaire for new adults for either the New Adult Package, the Premium New Adult Package, or either of the Combo Packages


     - PDF version - Download here.

     - Fillable PDF Form - Download here. 

For all questionnaires, we only need one questionnaire format. You can pick which format works best for you.



Document Execution Instructions

Document Execution Instructions - Download here. These are instructions that we use to execute your Estate Planning Documents in a safe and socially distanced manner.  It's a good idea to read them before you arrive for execution so you are familiar with what will happen.  It makes it safer for everyone and quicker. 

Helpful Information

1. Article - How to plan for the Unthinkable - An Introduction to Basic Estate Planning in Texas; 5 Things Every Family should have or know - This paper explains the basics of estate planning in Texas. This is what our Essential Estate Planning Package is based on and why we include the 4 documents contained in the package. It's a good primer for those who want to understand the process - Download here

2. Article - Never forget to change your beneficiaries: Horror Stories on how it can all go wrong. A good article to remind you about the problem of forgetting about non-probate assets. Download here

3. Article - Estate Planning, including a Medical Power of Attorney, is Essential during a Pandemic. Download here.

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